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  • Software Development

    A perfect combination of innovation, flexibility and adaptability and ease makes our software the ideal solution for any type of business (small or large sized).

    Our objective is to provide the most excellent and brilliant software solutions to our customers.
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  • Web Development

    The Internet is an active and ever changing environment and we create plans that fit within your needs and budget.

    We offer full support to your web design to make it informative and attractive.
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  • Mobile Apps

    We offer complete package provides our valuable customers with mobile applications that utilize the full extent of mobile applications programming for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Kindle, and Symbian, amongst others.
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IT Infrastructure Design

ATech Systems can design, implement and manage IT solutions that deliver measurable results. Our aim is to help you cut your costs and reduce complexity in your IT environment while optimising your operations, business agility, and innovation to help you stay competitive. To that end, we provide you with industry-leading Support and Managed Services, Networking, Web and Database Solutions, and other IT Services.

One key to survival in a tough economic climate is business flexibility: the flexibility to adapt your business quickly to changing market conditions. How quickly does your IT infrastructure adapt to the introduction of web based transactions or an increase in online users? We will help you increase your agility and in doing so, keep you ahead of your competitors.

Post infrastructure setup, business continuity and smooth functioning of your company matter more in terms of organizational viewpoint. ATech Systems offers post care services which provides management and support to the organization’s IT infrastructure which includes wired networks. This reduces the clients’ costs of hiring more IT Staff and allows them to concentrate more on their business expansion rather than bogged by the systems crashes, viruses, network failures etc.  The highlights of this services includes

  • 24/7x365 days monitoring and support of organizational systems
  • Automatic OS fixes and patch management
  • Automatic anti-virus update
  • Remote backup and Disaster Recovery