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  • Software Development

    A perfect combination of innovation, flexibility and adaptability and ease makes our software the ideal solution for any type of business (small or large sized).

    Our objective is to provide the most excellent and brilliant software solutions to our customers.
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  • Web Development

    The Internet is an active and ever changing environment and we create plans that fit within your needs and budget.

    We offer full support to your web design to make it informative and attractive.
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  • Mobile Apps

    We offer complete package provides our valuable customers with mobile applications that utilize the full extent of mobile applications programming for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Kindle, and Symbian, amongst others.
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Data Recovery

Regardless of the problem that you may encounter error messages, or noises coming from the computer, there is a high possibility that your data can be recovered, even if the drive is not spinning, or clicking, or is not recognized by the computer.

Data recovery can be done from almost any media, including hard disks, floppy disks, Zip®, Jaz®, CDs, EzFlyer and other SCSI devices and from a range of operating systems.

Please contact us today with your requirements in case you are facing such problems.

Computer System

At ATech Systems, we also have in stock components from the world’s leading IT suppliers: motherboards, processors, hard drives, monitors, optical drives, cases and more, which are tested by our technical staff.

We offer the industry's highest-quality products at the lowest-possible prices. Our objective is to provide you with a high quality service at an excellent price.

Back up & Disaster Recovery

Data and Information play important roles in any organisation as thet are the key factors used to take management decisions. Therefore, it is vital to have systems in place to protect Data and Information for future use. If ever a crash happens to Network Servers, it is essential to have a method of Data and Information Recovery.

With our vast experience in the field of Information Technology we can provide Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions suitable for any organization through Network Area Storage (NAS). Multiple Microsoft Windows based Servers can be attached to a single NAS device and the NAS device can make backups of Data as frequently as every 15 minutes.

24/7 IT Management

To run a business smoothly it is important for any organization to have a stable IT Backbone. Most small to medium size businesses cannot afford to have their own IT staff to maintain their IT infrastructure. Our “24/7 Network Monitoring” is the solution for you. We can monitor and maintain you IT backbone from our office for any IT disaster prevention. IT experts from ATech Systems will do the job for you remotely at affordable rates.

ATech Systems provides IT support right from the beginning of IT infrastructure offering help and advice at every stage until the whole IT setup is completed. These include feasibility study, planning, designing and implementation stage.

Contract based 24/7 Support offerswide benefits and discounts including:
•     Very low and affordable fee as low
•     Automatic OS and Anti-virus fixes and  management
•     Network monitoring
•     Critical Alerts to System Administrators
•     Disaster Recovery and backup include full system restore




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