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  • Software Development

    A perfect combination of innovation, flexibility and adaptability and ease makes our software the ideal solution for any type of business (small or large sized).

    Our objective is to provide the most excellent and brilliant software solutions to our customers.
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    The Internet is an active and ever changing environment and we create plans that fit within your needs and budget.

    We offer full support to your web design to make it informative and attractive.
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    We offer complete package provides our valuable customers with mobile applications that utilize the full extent of mobile applications programming for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Kindle, and Symbian, amongst others.
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Database Upgrade

The SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases are frequently improved with major upgrades.  These upgrades aim at increased performance, enhanced manageability and heightened scalability.

We stay up-to-date with the nuances of successful database upgrades as we know that successful upgrades involve more than a simplistic “point and click” approach. We work collaboratively with our clients to plan, test, implement and validate as part of our upgrade services.




Database Administration

MySQL Administration
The need for proactive Remote Database Administration

Though MySQL at the start emerged as a low-end alternative to more powerful proprietary databases, it has progressively evolved to support higher-scale needs as well.  Many companies that initially used MySQL due to its low cost or suitability for simple web applications have taken advantage of the growing capabilities to deploy ever more sophisticated MySQL environments.  With this increased complexity, the need for professional Database Administration for MySQL DBA has emerged.

Our MySQL Administration service includes key attributes like:
•    Availability
•    Storage Management
•    Backup & Recovery
•    Patches and Upgrades
•    Performance Tuning
•    Database Vendor Assistance
•    Mentoring
•    MySQL Monitoring

SQL Database Management
The need for proactive Remote SQL Database Administration

Microsoft SQL Server users find that, even as the tools and capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server get better and better, their environments grow in size and complexity. We have worked exclusively with SQL Server and our Database Administration service for SQL Server includes:
•    Availability
•    Storage Management
•    Backup & Recovery
•    Patches and Upgrades
•    Performance Tuning
•    Failed Jobs
•    Database Vendor Assistance
•    Mentoring
•    SQL Server Monitoring




Database Performance Tuning

Organizations look to database performance tuning for two basic reasons: to lessen response time and to lessen resource usage. Regarding the first point, today's internet-enabled environment requires high performing databases to ensure instant response time for consumers who are directly accessing commerce and information systems. As to the second point, the on-line environment means that, by definition, databases are constantly being hit, stressing the finite resources (i.e., CPU, I/O, Memory) that the database relies upon.

Many companies chooses ATech Systems for database performance tuning and optimization. ATech Systems analyzes SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases, then works to eliminate performance bottlenecks by remediating issues associated with key metrics inside the database (CPU, I/O, wait times). Also, the analysis/remediation cycle looks at resource utilization to specific queries and helping to identify problematic SQL. Other areas included in ATech Systems’ SQL Server performance tuning services:

•    Deadlocks
•    Disk Access
•    Blocking

We provide cost effective database server performance tuning and optimization. Contact us for a free quote.




Database Assessment

ATech Systems’ database professionals will take a look under the covers of your designated databases to evaluate their performance and expose potential problems.

The database review will include:
•    Assessment of the current database configuration, indicating strengths and weaknesses
•    Review of database "recoverability" in the event of a failure
•    Review of overall database and application performance
•    Review of current database I/O configuration
•    Recommendations on how your company can bring your vital database(s) up to best practice standards