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Top 5 phones available now

We take a look at our five favourite phones, highlighting the pros and cons of each.


The LG G3 has the first quad-HD display to hit Aussie shores. Its 2560x1440 resolution gives it about 75% more pixels than a 1080p panel, and around 3x more than an iPhone 5s' Retina display. Sufficed to say this is a crisp, beautiful screen.


Highly customisable, down to the default on-screen buttons

Amazing display

Great camera with fast laser-assisted auto-focus

A beautiful and fun user interface


Not water-resistant

Prone to bouts of lag

Some app instability.


Samsung Galaxy S5

he Galaxy S5 boasts numerous upgrades over the S4. It has a 16MP camera, heart-rate monitor, fingerprint scanner, a new soft-touch design in multiple colours, a larger 5.1 inch display and a quad-core 2.5GHz processor.


One of the best displays in market

Water resistant

Fingerprint scanner can authenticate PayPal purchases


Comparatively expensive, especially on a plan

You're paying for extras, like a heart rate monitor, which you may not use

Not a huge step forward from the Galaxy S4.

Sony Xperia Z2

Sony begins 2014 with a splash -- or should that be a phone you can make a splash with? Like earlier Xperia handsets, the Z2 is water and dust proof, protecting some serious hardware, like a 2.3GHz quad-core processor and a 20-megapixel camera capable of shooting 4K resolution movies.


It's not just about megapixels: this is one of the best smartphone cameras in town

Awesome battery life

Water resistant

Ties in well to Sony's entertainment services Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, including several free movies and a month of free music streaming.


Sharp corners make the Z2 a little uncomfortable to hold

Almost no voice control options installed

Like the Galaxy S5, the Z2 is not a leap forward from either the Xperia Z or Z1

HTC One M8

HTC's latest smartphone builds on the formula of last year's model, but refines it in almost every way. It's slick brushed aluminium finish houses a powerful machine, and its Ultra-pixel camera remains.


Probably the world's most beautiful phone and very comfortable to hold.

Great user experience.

Good screen and camera.


Battery life is only average.

Display is not as bright as on other phones, like the Galaxy S5

iPhone 5s

No matter what your opinion of the iPhone may be, it’s the best-selling and most popular smartphone in the world and so it earns a place in any best-of lineup.

The 5s has a fantastic camera, offers a super-smooth user experience and, as always, gives you access to Apple’s laughably extensive selection of apps from the App Store.


User experience is well designed and easy-to-use.

Great, fast camera

Millions of apps to install

Fingerprint scanner works well


Design focuses on looks over ergonomics

4-inch screen seems puny next to the larger displays on Android devices

When you consider the components in an iPhone, it is arguably the most expensive phone in this list.

Source: https://mobilephones.yahoo.com.au/


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